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Thrilld Labs selected to pitch on stage at European Blockchain Convention

Thrilld Labs has been chosen from a pool of over 500 applicants to pitch at the European Blockchain Convention’s (EBC) Startup Battle. The EBC Startup Battle is the largest early-stage blockchain startup competition in Europe. In each edition, 50 finalist startups are selected to pitch their company.


Arjan ten Buuren joins Thrilld Labs as COO.

We are thrilld to announce that Arjan ten Buuren has joined Thrilld Labs as COO. Arjan is a seasoned tech manager with nearly a decade of experience investing and creating synergies in the crypto space.


Thrilld Labs Partners with VALUEX

We are thrilld to officially announce our partnership with Valuex AG, a Liechtenstein-based venture capital firm, incubator, and venture builder focused on blockchain business models.


Thrilld Labs Partners with Blockchain Founders Group

We are thrilld to officially voice our partnership with the Blockchain Founders Group (BFG). BFG is a company builder and early-stage venture capital investor.


Thrilld Labs Partners with European Blockchain Convention

We're thrilld to collaborate with European Blockchain Convention (EBC) as a Community Partner. The EBC is a leading event held in Barcelona in October, featuring speakers from all across the Web3 ecosystem.


Thrilld Labs Partners with PARSIQ

We are beyond thrilld to reveal our partnership with PARSIQ, a full-suite data network for building the backend of all Web3 dApps & protocols.


Thrilld Labs Partners with CONF3RENCE

We are keen to share our partnership with CONF3RENCE, a premier event connecting the traditional world & Web3, and are beyond thrilld to announce that Thrilld is planned as CONF3RENCE's networking solution.


Join Thrilld Labs at the European Blockchain Convention with a 20% Discount

European Blockchain Convention is happening again on October 24-26 in the colorful city of Barcelona. As a community partner, we're attending too & would be thrilld to meet you there amongst the +5000 other attendees. ‍

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