Feb 5, 2024

Meet David Fernandez, Thrilld Labs' Business Developer

We are thrilld to share that David Fernandez has joined Thrilld Labs as a Business Developer. ‍‍David is a seasoned Web3 professional passionate about crypto, blockchain, and business. We checked in with David - prior Bit2Me, Spain's main crypto exchange - to see how his experience has been so far.

At Thrilld Labs, we want to work with the next wave of global Web3 leaders and Web3-savvy professionals who shape our innovation and the trajectory of our company. David Fernandez is a seasoned Web3 professional passionate about crypto, blockchain, and business, and recently joined Thrilld Labs as a Business Developer.

In the space since five years now, he brings extensive professional industry experience. David initially found his niche in the Web3 industry at Bit2Me — the biggest Spanish cryptocurrency exchange and service provider. At Bit2Me, David was a Community and Listing Manager, contributing significantly to the company's success. 

David is a go-getter professional, thriving in dynamic environments and international environments, priorly predominantly in the UK, and he has an edge for making and maintaining meaningful connections with colleagues, clients, and business contacts. Beyond said talents, he brings a retail background, adding a layer of diversity to his rich skill set.

This prior experience laid the foundation for David's strategic thinking and collaborative steps in the Web3 space, which much define his contributions at Thrilld Labs today. 

We checked in with David to see how his experience has been so far.

What motivated you to join Thrilld Labs?

A significant motivation for me to join Thrilld Labs is the application potential developed by the company. The ability to find business opportunities, forge partnerships, and help people in the ecosystem - be they individuals, experts, or companies - with tailored networking aligns with the vision of expansion that I personally hold and have exhibited in my previous roles in the space.
On the other hand, the entrepreneurial spirit of the CEO and the human person behind it me makes me feel in the right place at the right time, as everything behind the scenes is made from honesty and perseverance. These are values that I share.

How do you see Web3 evolve in the future? How do you see the future of business in Web3?

As I mentioned in the previous point, the journey I have been developing over the last few years can bring great value in terms of expanding synergies and getting closer to the people in the industry.
Naturally, blockchain, Web3, and crypto, which are much more prevalent today, were unavailable when I was a university student. So, it is patent that it is never too late if bliss is good. Personally, I am a person who has reshaped myself at an age that is now considered adulthood. Everyone can do what they want (within reason!) and be succesfull - I aim to prove this.
For business and Web3, I want to stress the human component. Ultimately, we are all human, so we are the ones who are in charge of creating the space in a cohesive way that we have lived through in our lives. We are the ones who are responsible for ensuring that this historical progress is carried out in good forces and with the best possible ideas.
More specifically, I also hope that Web3 brings equity between women and men for all businesses involved.

It is clear that, at Thrilld, David is playing a crucial role in our business development by spurring new partnerships and event collaborations whilst showcasing his approach to fostering growth in diverse manners, for instance, through his conference appearances and his public talks about Thrilld Labs.

For more details and collaboration requests, interested individuals are encouraged to write to info@thrilldlabs.io, or directly reach out to David via david@thrilldlabs.io.

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