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Frequently Asked Questions

How can this solution benefit me and my business?

From experience, we know that creating funding and business opportunities in Web3 today is costly, highly time-inefficient, and occurs in a hyper-fragmented manner. That’s why we made Thrilld. Thrilld will provide access to a global network of Web3 projects, professional investors, developers, and Web3-oriented service providers, ensuring your focus remains on finding and tapping into relevant connections. If you’re professionally associated with Web3, you can leverage Thrilld to raise funds, engage in business or deal flow discussions, talk jobs, form partnerships, or invest in new ideas within the Web3 space. Anything is possible, really.

Our app is designed with a user-friendly and good-looking (we think so!) interface, making it easy to navigate and connect with others. Pretty useful: we have a unique mechanism in place that helps filter out those few bad actors and unwanted spam. Via Thrilld, you can lay the foundation for thrilling new opportunities and growth in Web3, wherever you are and regardless of your background.

How does Thrilld work?

It is as simple as 1-2-3.

1. If you are professionally associated with Web3 projects, are a professional investor (angels, VCs, family funds, and private equity), are a dev (both individuals and companies), or are active as a Web3 service provider (both individuals and companies), you can create a profile in less than two minutes and emphasize your respective background, focus, stage, needs, wants, and more. You can also provide a visual snapshot of your professional persona. Make sure to go to your settings, finish your profile, and get more synergies.

2. Based on your wants, you explore profiles of other Web3 projects, professional investors, devs, and Web3-oriented service providers actively seeking synergies. Swipe through profiles and press the synergy button when you’re interested in having a chat. You can even maximize your networking potential by utilizing the hyperlocalization feature (find it under ‘settings’) to tap into real-time networking opportunities, for instance, during conferences.

3. When both parties are interested, a consensual synergy happens. This means you can chat, exchange ideas, decks, resumes, and whatnot, or even make intros by adding others to your discussions. You can also send images and speech messages and create instant synergies via QR codes or links. Chats are private and secure. And if you decide the other person is not who you’re looking for, you can quickly de-synergize and move to your next opportunity.

Do drop us a message via the contact form if you find great collaborations, jobs, or other exciting synergies through the app, and we would be thrilld to cover your story on our blog and socials.

Why should developers join Thrilld?

Clearly, blockchain-based services are maintained not by a central authority but by a community of stakeholders, such as miners, community members, and, of course, devs. Developers are the backbone of the Web3 ecosystem and contribute their technical expertise to build and enhance the infrastructure, protocols, and applications that form the foundation of Web3. More and more devs are onboarding the ecosystem, some looking for new gigs, others for full-time jobs. Likewise, we found our inboxes on other business networking platforms frankly being flooded with proposals for development work. And sometimes resumes. We thought: ‘Let’s create a solution for this’.

Via Thrilld devs can explore profiles of Web3 projects and service providers actively seeking synergies. Whether you’re seeking projects to contribute to, a new CTO role, partnerships to form, or clients for your services, we are thrilld to welcome you. Even temporary, as we know you’re busy building or running your development company. Our hyperlocalization feature enables you to harness real-time networking opportunities, perfect for connecting during events, conferences, and meetups, and you can communicate confidently with private and secure chats. Check out our Partner Portal, where you find our partners, including grant programs, bounty programs, hackathons, and Web3 B2B companies that might be hiring.

If you think the Thrilld community would benefit from finding out about a hackathon, bounty program, or grant you’re involved with, please get in touch with us via the contact form so we can help you spread the word.

How can Thrilld be free?

In the future, some of these premium features may require payment in the form of fiat or cryptocurrency. Rest assured, the core functionalities of Thrilld remain accessible to all our users, ensuring inclusivity and democratization of opportunities within the Web3 ecosystem. We will also set up a grant program so everyone needing Thrilld’s premium features can access them.Thrilld is free and open-access and will remain this way. We provide the platform alongside a range of features and options without any costs because we believe growth opportunities should be accessible to anyone. Only in that way can we build Web3 better - together. We do want to be transparent about our roadmap and operations because we are a for-profit company. Regarding the latter, we will introduce a few monetizing elements in the fall of 2024 to pay for our expenses while we sustainably grow the platform to provide ever more value for our community. Our roadmap includes exciting new features, premium plans, and a semi-white-label solution for Web3 conferences to help us achieve our global connectivity goals. And yes, you can pay for our premium options in crypto without the hassle of on or off-ramping.

It’s also important to highlight what we do not want or plan. That is, we do not work with referrals or function as a data intermediary. And to keep our neutrality and transparency, we won’t take commissions anywhere nor work with advertisements. We also do not have our own token.